In A Slump ?
Better Check Your Sleep Quality

Poor sleep has profound and widespread impacts on basic emotional and metabolic health. The old idea that poor sleep is just a nuisance that impacts only mood and motivation is as tired as the person who still subscribes to it. Serious health consequences arise with poor sleep.

Got The Blues ?
Poor Sleep Impacts More Than Your Mood

Common sleep disorders set in motion a cascade of effects that drive medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Nature's sleep rhythms orchestrate basic hormonal and neuronal processes that must occur, or disorders will arise.

It's Time.
take back control of your sleep

You know it's time. It's time to take back control of your sleep. It's time to start feeling better and allow nature to do its job. Sleep is the time that we get out of the way to let nature finish up the work we started during the day. Sleep embeds our efforts and experiences into body and mind.

A Good Night's Sleep Is More Than Just A Dream

When we nourish a healthy night's sleep, nature will nourish us in return. After all, that nature is your own — sleep processes are the finishing "other-side" of your daytime activities. Sleep is crucial to balance your emotions and enrich the activities from which they arise.

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Poor Sleep In The News
The Role of Sleep for Health Contributions from Basic Research

Poor sleep depth prevents the brain from moving memories into long-term storage. The stage of deep sleep that scientists call 'slow-wave' sleep (SWS) is important for fixing memories permanently in the brain.

The Insomnia Clinic The Insomnia Clinic Program improves your sleep quality through tailored education

The Insomnia Clinic Program is not a clinical evaluation but an education platform showcasing an integrated set of sleep services tailored to your needs. This platform is presented by select wellness providers. PROGRAM OVERVIEW

Our Unique Approach
Custom Tailored Wellness Solutions

Long-term health management requires custom-tailored care. The revolution in sleep medicine that has disclosed sleep processes to be crucial for basic metabolic and cardiovascular health requires a revolution in the delivery of care.

You Learn Simply By Participating In The Process

Instead of throwing abstract principles at you, we simply allow your own curiosity to expand as you participate in the basic assessment process. Questions arise that you will want to learn about in relation to your own health.

Insomnia Is More Than Simply An Overactive Mind

Despite the common use of the term, insomnia does not always manifest as a secondary symptom from a stressed mental state. Many factors contribute to insomnia. The key is to make you aware of them all.

We're In A Broad Wellness Solutions Group

The Insomnia Clinic is an integral part of a comprehensive network that is available to you simply by participating in the process. Custom services are organized by the awareness you gain during the assessment.